Tuesday, 31 May 2011

hurm..tataw nak letak apa tajuk kat entry ni..layan je la..

Korang pernah ke rasa
Macam segala pengorbanan anda
Tak dihargai malahan langsung
Tak dititikberatkan oleh
Oleh yang menerima impak
Baik dari pengorbanan anda ??
Some of you might just nod ur head
And some of you might not..
But as a human,
We cant avoid ourself
From being tak dihargai
And sometimes you might have
Done the same thing when there’s
Someone yang berkorban untuk
Anda juga..
That’s a cycle of life..
Sometimes you’re up and
Sometimes you’re down
And you can deny that
Korang takleh dengan mudahnya
Toleh belakang and yell “get away from me”
When the feeling starts to come over you
Even korang ugut nak bunuh diri pun
The feeling wont just go away
And u can always berada di atas
And yeah there are people who
Never be down
For the rest of their life
Who knows
What comes next
Dan ada jugak yang berada kat bawah jer
Up until now
Smp they feel like giving up
Well I cant change that
But what can I say
Hang On Dude
Just Hold On
Ur day will come
It might be today
Tomorrow or even ten years later
:- ) WELL me too…having difficulty
To accept every bad luck that I have
But still got the strength to keep on living
Live my life.. and keep my foot moving..
I don’t know if I am too weak
I might be resting in PEACE now

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