Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Aishah Amin.....

Aishah Amin...why her?
Everyone knows the oh so fabulous Aisyah Amin right? I love her classy but yet very modest style. She's a lecturer in Architecture (correct me if I'm wrong). She's truly an icon in Malaysia's Islamic fashion. :) She'd just launched her own blog, do check it out here. And do like her FB page, The Hijab Diaries. :)
And do check her Lookbook! Really awesome styles of hers lined up in there! Really inspiring. :)
Just wanted to say that she are one of my inspirations in fashion after Hana Tajima and Yuna to dress accordingly muslims way and still look vogue at the same time. I really admire your values and beliefs in standing for what you believe in and transform it into the best that you can achieve.  I'm sure a lot of girls, me definitely included, feel the same way too!
 In love with her outfits and how combine different pieces to create a gorgeous look. And most of all, I love how she style everything within Islamic boundaries. And the way she style her hijabs...WaawWwa....i heart u Aishah Amin

So here i post a few pic of stylish Aishah Amin...stop mumbling and lets pic do the talk of her
heppy viewing... wink wink  

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