Thursday, 10 March 2011

This is what ive been doin lately......My new 'babies'. Fresh from oven..Lil Beeboo's Yummy Bakery...I lurv doin bizz..mayb its already inside my blood. My mama n dad also in bussines. My mama own a catering's and my dad open a furniture factory. Its not easy to run a bussiness or company. U need to work very hard plus xtra hard i f the company's r ur own. With nowdays technology and so many competitors out there with new  and fresh idea everyday u have to think out of box .Being a boss and running ur own company dsnt mean u can just put ur ass (did i mention ass??...sorry )on the chair n brows trough internet or just facebooking or chatting cant take ur bizz anywhere. heh...talking like im a successfull bussineswoman....(hoping one day..insyaallah)

I lurv doing all those fancy2 or baking2 things such as deco, cuppies, door gift and  anitin that needs a creative hand works.Being a mother for two, working and still studying cant stop me from doing all this stuff. While bz with house chores and mummy chores i still seek time to do all this stuff.Sometime's i do think that i need to give a space for my self. A treat to spa or a travel maybe...hurm...c im mumbling again....why laaa....

So i cut my humble story and let's take a look at my new recipe...u guys can order as well if u want...
heppy viewing :)

Apam Blossom

Apam Rainbow

Apam Blossom

Apam Polkadot

Harga :- RM25/55pcs
Perisa :- blueberry & strawberry



Price :- RM2.80 each. 
But if u buy 16  and above, will give u discount*

looks yummy? interested? come and get it :)
i can wrap it up with box, ribbons and tq card for ur occation as well
text me at 012-3753770 or email me at

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