Monday, 7 March 2011


my morning begin with a cup of hot water and antibiotic pills. i'm in strict diet for post-natal care. every day i've to tightly drape myself in zigzagging shoestrings of cloth like girls in victorian. i wish i don't have to enroll at slimworld after fourty days of confinement. ( honestly speaking used to went there b4 my big day)

a. change of diet.
i'm definitely ok with dieting but confinement diet is totally a different thing. i can live with low carbs and no meat meals. but...

1. strictly no iced water- my mama in law yelled at me rite on my cute face whe sheknew i was curi2 minum es.....erk!!
2. no to spicy food
3. no cold food - every meal should be a la carte
4. no fruits - orang tua-tua cakap, buah-buahan adalah sejuk dan tidak sessuay untuk di makan pada waktu pantang. i've to think of substitution to avert constipation. urgh..
5. no chocs (duhhh)
6. everyday ginger - every meal must be with ginger. ho-h0 feels like ending up like ginger hallywell spice.

b. change of activities

1. potato couching - morning : watch wanita hari ini, al jazeera, cnn, selamat pagi malaysia.
2. reading. currently on "jodi picoult's change of heart".
magazines: women's weekly, cleo.
3. mind exercising. ps2 gaming...syiokkk.....
4. shopping.
5. learn how to make over. i realize that i've been neglecting my inner diva potential. life is short, i've to make a quantum leap. afterall, i've lived quarter of a century. so before the wrinkle and foliage - everyday should be a great day. i never thought that being a shopaholic is a cool idea. (before tat, en. abg...nak duittttt...lalalalalala)

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