Wednesday, 2 March 2011

wat a life

today's topic: shopperhollic

can't work. from to much coughing that couse my heart beat pump more energetic than usual. argghh!! (xcuses 4 blogging internet)

i can spent the whole day shopping for the house at english version of walmart - IKEA. IM new to this kind of sport. I hardly look at things economically but rather stylish, ingenuity and quality. the amount that I spent when shoppinh was nearly third quarter of what i were supposed to live with until the next payment. im a spoil brats. or maybe at least i am the one who is spoiled. back then i had the luxury of living comfortably underneath the umbrella of our parents. all of my salaries were gone into shopping sprees, shoes, eateries, movies and holidays. my responsibility was to be able to survive without my hubby's money until the next salaries paid off.

welcome to the real marriage world.

i guess that i will be experiencing the middle age crisis earlier than expected.

i learned how to shop household things from my mom who spent from daddy's expense. ever since i was small, she would bring me to grocers and shopping complexes and taught me about price comparison between shops, sale seasons and qualities over prices. in some sense, i inherited her shopping skills that is causing my husband insane.

we argued alots of tings when shopping like over plates,baby's clothing,toy's, fry pan and lots of stuff. for example, plates, his choice was the cheapest brand but was not safe for dishwasher and microwave.

frying pan - in case for teflon covered pan saucer, it is the best if we use wooden spatula* (i don't know the exact name for the cooking utensil that have wide, flat blade used for lifting and mixing.) stainless steel ones might chisel the surface and cause leach to the food. for that matter, we both agreed for non teflon pan and stainless steel utensils.

if i were my mother, i would insist for the thread counts in the duvey's cover. thankfully i am not, so we just bought the not so cheap n not so xpensive one available at the rack.

life in kuala lumpur city is super-expensive. the salary that is given only attain for our stipend with nothing left for luxury. n now we r having second baby!! so all the expenses goes to our childrens. incase emergency tat we had to go to clinic (rather then goverment hospital ...hate for the long wait) or suddenly had to balik kampung bcoz sumtin happen to family or wat ever unexpected tings. sight :( for a while we have to forget about movie or outings. sumtimes i dun care bout money tat left in wallet n i forced my hubby to take us jalan2 at the supermarket tat having sale!! lunatic wife am i? or i'd rather used my own pocket money that left only for emergency used for jalan2 cari makan on weekend as long as i can go out from home.(embarrased of my self) so at this moment, we embrace the new kind of attitude called hedonism with budget.

life at my expense is seriously a relentless job. please somebody get my husband a decent job!

gambar sekadar hiasan. bukan saya yer...hihihi

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