Monday, 7 March 2011

raising babie

I have no mood to work..tho i knw i hv to settle lots of work which will due very2 soon. i spent whole day browsing thru blogs.(many2 ampun boss, if you're reading ths!halalkan my salary! hehe) . looking for more ladies who blog. found some familiar names & some are new..anyhow, i managed to get some new friends today..Reading those blogs makes me realize how I Love being a MOM to my lil beeboo and lil deebo
The value of being a MOM is priceless & so far had been my greatest achievement in life!I know I'm not perfect.. i cook lousy meals (most of the time same menu..sebab tak kreatif la ni!), i still havent finish my ID project fr our house, i hate to wash-hang-fold-iron clothes or lipat all thosekain yg melambak(tho its a wajib chores 4 me as wife..duhhh), i sometimes (macam selalu je..) took advantage of hubby's kerajinan melayan/managing the kids, i nag-nag-nag (if necessary la) and bla bla bla (can ask hubby for the rest of the list..hehehe).. But one thing i know is, I ALWAYS put Hubby,Balqish, Zharif & family on TOP of everything! They are my PRIORITY..
The old folks say, "lain orang, lain cabarannya..", i agree with them. I went thru different difficulties or i should say it as different "challenges" with my kids..
well its a fun learning process 4 me. everytime i woke up in the morning i always checked on them first!! its a must for me evrytime i woke up weather in the middle of the night or early morning (same goes all mommy's aite) n i pray n tank God coz still gimme chance to raise my precious baby....Allah loan us our children n he will take back one day n we just donno care n lurv ur babies while u still can.....

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