Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My Standard 1 Class Photo

A former classmate of mine Mohammad Ridzuwan Abdul Rahimrecently uploaded this amazing photo of our Std 1Orkid class of SRK Jalan Bukit 1, Kajang on Facebook. This brings back memories BIG TIME... that was some fun class... 27 years later, thanks to FB, many of us are connected again...That's me... sitting, holding my hand doing peace sign n wearing spectikal. That's how close we were back then... orang lain lagi ingat muka kita masa dulu-dulu.. hehe.. I myself can recognize about a third of them by name so far... I have no idea how some of these people look like now.. haha
Aaaahhh.. 1983... those were the days... where we didn't care whether we were Malays, Chinese or Indians.. we just had fun at school. LOADS of FUN! So much fun that PONTENG was never in our dictionary. Well.. we were Std 1 then.. but when we were in Std 5, Std 6... the fun was at school, playing with friends! And we scored too!

I'm still proud of the fact that the whole 52 of us in my Std 6 class got 5A's in our Penilaian Darjah 6 exam... that was something!

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