Monday, 7 March 2011

Being a working mom, I have my OK & 'not OK' days.. when the 'not OK' days come to visit (usually due to workload or menstruation time!), it will normally effect my performance at home, as in: too tired to do mommy chores as well as wifey chores :-( especially during our trying days whenever Balqish or Zharif wat perangai asek cry2 n cry, had fever or when we have guests at home....

and i'm not proud of being in 'that mode'..not even once!

So, whenever i'm in 'that mode', hubby will play his part.. as a dad & 'wife'. Alhamdulillah i dikurniakan seorang husband yg penyabar, very hands-on to hsehold chores & help me handling our lil baby. even tho he's not in romantic list husband...he never shower me wit a bundle of flower or even a card....huh!! but i still lurv him no matter what......

Never once i hear him merungut to anything. unlike me!hehehe.... bukan terlalu memuji but just expressing how 'bersyukur' i am to have him as my lovely hubby & our baby's father! Altho he can't shower us with kemewahan, fancy car, frequent overseas vacay & etc etc, he had provided us the best from his effort to accomodate our cute family & Alhamdulillah every needs are fulfilled. tho we live within our means, he make sure that the kids & i have whatever we need to experience our lives meaningfully..

Thank You, Hubby (Mohd Shukri)!! no words can describe how thankful and how deep my love & respect to you.. (as in: mantain the good hubby perfomance n yet learn how to be romantic!! hahahaha!! .)

p/s be tankful for wat we have....... :)

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