Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Gomen Hospital

Act i dont have mood to write anitin due to my pain at my left leg. I fell down yesterday while doing house chores. Last nite was a "rajin day" for me. I lipat all the kain in my daughter'r room, try to b a good mommy...haha...when i was buzy lipat kain, i dind't  realize that my lil balqish were busy too. She's busy playing with the Johnson's Baby Oil. She oiled all over her body includes the floor. As i was walking trough the doors i felt over. Dushhumm!! Like nangka busuk!! Aiiyark.....and both my legs twisted here and there. In malay we called it "terkepak". Sounds funny aite. So cut the story short as im not intend to tell u guys bout how i fell down. So this morning my hubby took me to Gomen hospital and the doct gave me MC for 2 days.I was like waaaaaAAAAaaa and ooOoooOo....when the good doct (i called her good doc cozs she gave me 2days mc..hahah..gila!!) ask me this "awk nak mc x?" And i was "ermmm..ikot doct la mana yg terbaik...rasanya nak pg opis...ermm...klu mc leh kot sehari." what daaaaa!!! Am i stupid or pretend to b nice(kunun2 pekerja terbaek la xnak mc kot) durghhhh!!!! N the good doct said this "bley plak cmtu..sabar jela" ans she continue writting at the mc slip. But tis is not my intention to tell u guys also...I want to tell u bout the Gomen Hospital service. i thought they didn't do that great of a job. nak complain boleh tak? I arrived there at 8.15am...it was quite early okay...n i tot that i arrive early than i can get my ass (can i mention ass...heh) out of there before 11.....but Durghhhh!!!!! just to wait for the nurse to call me n gave me my no also i have to wait for 2 hours!!!! Giiilaaaaaa!!!(as if la b4 ni x penah tunggu lama...saja la kan nak komplen)
n then wait again for medicine...i looked at my watch n i  whaaattt??.....3 hours just for a 2 days mc..(bayar singgit nk kecoh lebih)..but yeaa....if u nak cpt u go to klinik swasta la.....apalaaa.....then lg mau komplen2 sini. SSsshhHh...i just wanna xpress how i feel....n i dunno what to writte.....i'll continue later k.....now i have to continue lipat kain yg penuh kat depan tv ni....blik kang mau la mama start bebelan lg....( have to make my cute cute cat  face so that my mom simpathy me) kunun saket sngt la kaki ni smpi nak lipat kain pon x bley kot...haha...

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