Thursday, 10 March 2011


Have you love someone deeply?
If yes, what are those feelings that you have for him / her? 
If no, I guess you won't understand how it feels.
What if you guys broke up? What will you do next? For me, is something that I couldn't explain. It's something that you will never get the answer. You have no direction. You have nobody to count on. You have problem, nobody even cares. The only thing you do is, cry. 
In a dark room, the windows are close, curtain draw, lights are not on, make myself cold and start hiding under the blanket, just to cry. Tears keep falling down. Non stop. Endless until Morning. 
Many problems, I rather suffer than making you sad or even hurt. In the other hand, I felt love is selfish. Last time I wouldn't even think that way, but now I know how it feels. When you really love someone, you won't want other people to own what you love.
Being together, you learn a lot. I learn how to be grateful, I learn how to save up for future, I learn how to be smart, I learn how to handle problems, I learn how to kiss, I learn how to hug you much even tighter, I learn how to make use of the webcam to see each other more, and there's much more I learn from you but there is one thing that is most important which is I have learn how to deeply in love with you that I cherish and love a lot. 
I appreciate you a lot, really a lot.
I promise to be with you all the time, and I will. 
Time can't turn back but I promise to be with you all the time in future. I do. 

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