Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Lift

so ive been trasfered to a new department now. ( gila bes department ni cuma tak suka ada satu mamat pervert!!)
and the one thing i don't like about staying at new office, is the Lift.


the Lift often makes me feel awkward. Anyway my new department force me to ride the lift cozs my office is all the way up to 3rd floor. (alamak...walaweh..cita macam tingkat lapanploh la minah ni...) and when i was in the lift to meet my friends at lunch time or when i had to pass some paper work to my bosses so i have to take the Lift. then the people in the Lift would stare at me at the corner of their eyes. (yala kat opis ni macam aku sorang je yg suka fashion2 bagai so derang feel akward la cozs sesat sorang fashionista kat department ni.)

however, the most persetan moments with the Lift,

i was already late for home due to workload one day, and i waited soooo long for the lift. i wanted to take the stairs but i don't like it when the moment i walk down the stairs, the lift would reach my floor. seriously, that can literally make me whip my hijab back and forth!

so~ i waited~
and when it reached my floor, i masuk je, i rasa cam nak tumbuk dinding!
some joker pressed all the floor buttons!!! KURANG AJAAAA!
i had to stop at all levels, and press the close button.
menyampah oke!!

i think it was around 1am or 2am.
i was quite tired then, so i wasn't aware of my surroundings.
as i got in the lift, i realised that i was alone. ( background bunyi cengkerik ala2 drama) then suddenly,


one of the lights blinked off. then it started flickering.
"ya Allah, don't la do this to meee", i thought to myself
masa tu la kannnnnnn all the stupid ghosts in the lift scenes started playing in my mind!
i recited Ayat Kursi as steady as i could while staring hard at the level indicator.
but all the while, jantung i dup dap dup dap dup dap like crazy. i can't explain how scared i was...

when the lift stopped downstairs, i ran out sambil jerit
(boleh tak..bongok) and cursed at my wild imaginations. and of course i cursed at myself for being such a coward!
and that is why..

kadang kadang masuk public toilets pun i jadi takut. ugh.

oh and i don't like lifts.

oke sekian.

Boo: penakut tahap gaban tapi gila suka pilem hantu. Bongok oke. Anak dara aku pon tak takot hantu. ceh..

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