Friday, 17 June 2011


I still remember those days yang aku dikenali hanya sebagai budak nerd bercermin mata bertudung bulat yang trying to act like a spoil brat and be childish just to get the attention from others and be a famous kid, even if I was never. I still remember the days where I got 5A's in UPSR and managed to go for a ONE OF THE TOP AND FAMOUS boarding school but then unfortunate things happened, I became naughty until my mother asked me to tukar sekolah, thinking if I could be a better person. But things ended up getting worst. I don't want to reveal more about the 'things' that I'd done in the past. EVERYBODY WHO KNOWS ME WIL KNOW THAT I CAME FROM A FAMILY PROBLEMS. ALTHOUGH I HAVE BEEN SHOWER WITH A LOT OF EXPENSIVE THINGS COZS MY PARENTS IS DAMN RICH. ITS NOT THE MONEY THAT SPOILED ME BUT THERES THINGS THAT WE CANT REAVEAL IN PUBLIC AITE? SO JUST LET THE SECRET B A SECRET. Don't want to end up like #adindaevans who gets famous in such a young age but in a bad way. Pity her. But, thats not the point I'm writing today.

I dealt with many bad things before, I won't claim it as the baddest thing. But comparing myself to the good ones, I'll be rather stabbing myself, just to keep the bad memories away. But, I never regret, cus It makes me who I am today. I could keep millions bad memories in my head but with the sweetest smile on my face cus the only thing that matters, is what I choose to be now. Not for what I did, but for who I am now. and I'm happy. For every single bit that happening in my life now, I feel so thankful. EVEN SOMETIMES MY TEARS FALL DOWN WHEN PEOPLE HURTS ME SO MUCH BUT I MANAGE TO STAY CALM. Alhamdulillah. 


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